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What is Breast Asymmetry ?
Breast Asymmetry disorder is a condition the persons left and right breast are different in shape, size and position. A small amount of breast asymmetry is normal because one side of everyone’s body is a little bigger than the other side, however there are large differences in breast size, shape or position that can be very visible and can throw of the balance of the female form. Breast asymmetry correction may involve, lifting, adding, subtracting the volume from one or both breasts to try and make them symmetrical and natural looking. There are several factors that can contribute to breast asymmetry, these can include genetics, hormonal changes, and traumatic injuries to the breast area during development, random growth patterns. There are various types of breast asymmetry disorders however differences in volume on the left and right breast is the most common disorder. Here are some of the types of Breast asymmetric.

One breast is noticeably larger than the other side.
One or both breasts are completely different shapes.
One or both nipples can be at different heights.
One of both breasts may have large or misshapen nipple and areolas that are not in proportion to the rest of the breast.
Breast feeding
Breast Cancer
When breast asymmetry is very noticeable the most effective way to correct the different is through surgery, a combination of breast augmentation, breast reduction or a breast lift may be required to correct the difference and to achieve the more natural symmetrical look.

How to correct Breast Asymmetry?
There are a number of ways to correct breast asymmetry.

Doing a breast reduction on your larger breast with a lift
Giving your smaller breast a implant plus maybe a lift
Fat Transfer into your smaller breast.
Giving your larger breast a reduction and lift and putting implants in both breasts.
How many people does Breast Asymmetry effect?
99% of women have breast asymmetrical breasts however it’s not usually noticeable. 40% of women have 1-2 cup sizes difference.

What to expect?
Going through this condition can be over whelming and such a scary time for yourself, make sure you have a great support network eg: family member, partner, or a friend, Speak with your doctor and explain your situation with him/her. Depending on your personal needs it depends on what your surgeon will want to do. Have a few consults with different surgeons so you have a better understanding of what they want to do, when you’ve finished having your consultations right down the pro’s and con’s to each surgeon and compare them for who is best for you, after all this is your body and your health and you need to feel happy with yourself. Do research on the surgeons and see what reviews have, On Facebook type in “BREAST IMPLANT ADVICE & BREAST ASYMMETRY” join the group and ask about the surgeon you are thinking of choosing, click the photo below it will take you to the group you wish to join to get your support and information.
Kaz Louise
I saw Dr Mark Doyle post something yesterday on his fb page about this and pics etc and write up!!
  • August 19, 2016
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